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With Bareeq, you are ensured LED products of the highest possible quality – every single time. Whether you need replacement LED bulbs for private use, or a commercial LED lighting system, we have the necessary expertise.

We are a Jordan located LED manufacturing company, with sustainability, quality, and design as our main priorities.

  • Sustainability
    We have a desire to meet the growing demand for green and environmentally friendly lighting solutions, making the world greener .

  • Quality
    We use unbiased institutes and organizations to thoroughly test every single one of our products before we launch it on the market, ensuring our customers the highest possible quality with every product.

  • Design
    We have very talented and independent lighting designers connected to our company, who can present a visual of how the illumination will appear in your exact setting before the purchase.

We have a great expertise in large commercial projects, which is highly relevant to our market expansion to Jordan, being a country with a vast industrial sector. We are very much able to deliver both complicated LED systems, as well as  LED products. In the category of LED products, our LED Street Lights are highly popular. and it saves the energy more than 70% meaning that the replacement  will be cut down to an absolute minimum. 

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